Tatabánya – the capital fo Komárom Esztergom

Tatabánya is a city located within the Hungarian region of Central Transdanubia and in the County of Komáron Esztergom of which it is the capital. This city is situated where several railway lines and roads meet, and therefore tourists who might want to visit it coming from other destination during a vacation in Hungary could easily do so.

The city of Tatabánya has been inhabited since as long ago as the Stone Age. This can be affirmed due to the fact that archaeologists have discovered several findings that prove the existence of human beings living in this region of Hungary during such époque, and is therefore one of the most anciently inhabited spots in the northern region of the country.

The first settlement officially recognized in the spot where the actual Tatabánya nowadays is was called Bánhida. There is official knowledge about the town Bánhida since it was mentioned in a document dating from around the year 1288. After Bánhida, this town became known as Alsógalla, and later as Felsógaya, being these the three main settlements established in the same spot where Tatabánya is.

Throughout its long life, this town went through several important and critical moments. During the 16th century, it was invaded and occupied by the Ottomans and a short time after that it became populated by the Esterházys. During the occupation of the Esterházys, this town received a large amount of Slovak and German settlers, and its official religion was the Roman Catholic.

Towards endings of the 18th century, coal resources were discovered in Tatabánya and its surroundings, being this a very important moment in the history of the city. After that discovery, the population of the city started growing at a very fast pace and its economy became much more fluid and prosperous that it previously was.

Tourists who visit Tatabánya would be able to meet several interesting attractions. Among these attractions, there is, for example, the Szelim Cave, the Mountain of Gerecse, the Turul Monument, the Forest Park of Gerecse Mountain, the Lake and Castle of Tata, and the Mountain of Vértes, among others.

Map of Tatabánya in Hungary