The village of Tác Gorsium

Tác Gorsium, often called just Tác, is a town located towards the northern area of Hungary, within the region of Central Transdanubia and in the County of Féjer. This town has approximately 1600 inhabitants, most of them Hungarians, and is located near several other interesting destinations such as Szabadbattyan, Csosz, Aba, and Polgardi among others, being great for those tourists who wish to be able to meet several spots in a short period of time during a vacation in Hungary.

The town of Tác Gorsium was born as a military settlement, which would be later destroyed during what is known as the Turkish Wars. After that, a new settlement named Tác was established in this region of Central Transdanubia, and it would be the second town established by the Hungarians in this area of the country.

Nowadays, the population of Tác Gorsium is very varied, in such a way that up to nine different languages can be found spoken in it. It might be interesting to know that, according to a Census conducted in 1910, about 56% of the inhabitants Tác Gorsium had in that époque were Calvinists, 42% Roman Catholics, 1,6% Jewish, and the remaining 0,8% followed other religions.

Several archaeological excavations have been conducted in Tác Gorsium, being this often the reason by which visitors from many different points of the world travel to it. According to findings brought into light during such excavations, this area of Hungary was already inhabited as long ago as in the Neolithic Age, factor which turns it into one of the most anciently inhabited spots in all Hungary.

Tác Gorsium started being excavated by Hungarian archaeologists in a constant basis around the year 1958, and during the decade of 1980 experts from other nationalities joined the activity. During all those years of work, many important discoveries have been brought into light, and have allowed the inhabitants of Tác Gorsium and the rest of Hungary to know important facts about the history of this spot and the rest of the country. This way, when visiting the region of Central Transdanubia, visitors who enjoy disciplines such as archaeology, anthropology and history should not miss meeting this town.

Map of Tác Gorsium in Hungary