The large Lake Velence

Lake Velence is one of the top three largest lakes in Hungary as well as one of the most holiday resorts of the country, attracting Hungarians from different origins as well as tourists who choose this destination to spend a vacation in Hungary. This lake has a length of approximately 10,8 km, a depth of between 1 and 2 meters, and a width that varies between 1,5 and 3,3, km depending on the point.

One of the most attractive characteristics of Lake Velence is that it is one of the warmest lakes in not only Hungary but the entire Europe as well. During summer time, the water of this lake reaches temperatures as high as between 26 and 28 degrees. This causes this destination to be very enjoyable, and is a great choice for all those tourists who enjoy water related activities such as swimming or simply relaxing while being in it.

There is a large amount of settlements and towns located on the shore of the Lake Velence. Among these settlements and towns, we can name, for example, Gardony, Dinnyes, Velence, Velencefurdo, Velence Ujtelep, Agard, Kapolnasnyek, and Pakozd. Each one of these towns count with its own peculiarities and attractions, and tourists should try to meet as many of them as possible if they count with enough time.

The region of Lake Velence is home of up to 28 different bird species, some of which are very rare. Visitors who enjoy meeting and observing birds should try to visit Lake Velence in autumn or spring, since during those months many other bird species, besides the 28 who live here, migrate to this spot and rest in it for a while.

Lake Velence is also famous by having an important number of waters with special mineral salts. This, along with its beautiful beaches, sunshine summer days, and warm waters, turn this spot into a great resort and a well known holiday resort. Besides this, while being in this destination, visitors would be able to find several picturesque restaurants offering a variety of local traditional and international dishes and wines, being the perfect end after a day in the beach.

Map of Lake Velence in Hungary