The large Gárdony

Gárdony is the largest town of the group of summer resort areas located on the shore of Lake Velence. This town is located within the Hungarian region of Central Transdanubia, in the County of Fejer, and can be easily accessed from several other towns, being a must for all those tourists who travel to this area of the country during their vacation in Hungary.

The city of Gárdony has a population of approximately 8,000 inhabitants and an area of 63.5 km2, in such a way that its density is of around 126 inhabitants per km2. This city is located near several other attractive towns and villages, such as for example, Székesfehérvár, Pusztaszabolcs, Seregélyes, Pákzod, Velence, Sukoró, and Zichyújfalu, among others.

In its origins, this town was part of what was known as the Queen’s State of the Island of Csepel. Despite of this, there is not official evidence of the existence of a settlement in this town until beginnings of the 15th century. During that époque, this settlement was located on the shore of Lake Velence, but due to several floods, it was moved to an upper area, near the hillside.

Gárdony started being developed as a summer resort during the decade of 1920, like many of the other summer resort spots located on the shore of Lake Velence. During that decade, many villas and summer residences were built in this town, and it started gaining importance and fame as a vacation destination.

During the decade of 1980, Gárdony became even more popular than before after a major facility with thermal baths was constructed in it. In these baths, tourists can not only have fun and enjoy 36º waters, but also benefit from their medicinal effects. According to experts, these waters have important medicinal effects on several diseases, such as for example, gynecological and locomotors conditions.

Due to the great amount of other villages located nearby and its importance as a summer resort, traveling to this town is very easy. There are several railway and bus lines connecting Gárdony with many other Hungarian cities, as well as those visitors who rather going by car will find that it can be easily accessed through several main Hungarian routes.

Map of Gárdony in Hungary