The thermal waters of Zalakaros

Zalakaros is a famous medicinal resort town located within the Hungarian region of Balaton. Since 1962, when the medicinal resort area became formally established, this area has become worldwide famous by the curative effects of its waters and receives people from around the world on a constant basis, among which there is not only those who approach seeking for medical help but also visitors who wish to enjoy these thermal waters during their vacation in Hungary.

According to experts, in Zalakaros approximately 820 liters of thermal water reaches the surface coming from a depth of 2,300 meters every minute. This water has a variety of different components, such as iodine-bromine and sulfide, which are helpful for curing health problems of neurological, locomotive, rheumatic, or gynecological nature.

The medicinal spa of Zalakaros counts with a park of 20 hectares in which there are more than 20 pools suitable for different ages and preferences. Besides its medicinal effects, people also approach to Zalakaros looking for fun as well as for relaxation, since this area offers an amazing natural environment, which along with its thermal waters, create the perfect place for loosing stress and forgetting about any every day problems.

Besides the thermal waters, Zalakaros also has several other attractions and a variety of exciting activities and spots suitable for all ages. Among these attractions there are, for example, several flower beds, parks, beautiful paths, as well as pools with artificial waves and several other fun or exciting spots.

The town of Zalakaros also hosts several important activities year around. One of these activities is the Karos Cup International Chess Competition, which is among the most famous chess championships of Europe and attracts chess players from many different countries every year. Besides this, this town also sponsors other activities, such as, for example, the Summer Cultural Festival and the Wine Days of Town Karos. During the Wine Days of Town Karos, visitors can try the different local wines, among which there is the Tónai which is made of a special combination of grapes and makes the inhabitants very proud.

Map of Zalakaros in Hungary