El Centro – A unique neighborhood in Sevilla

El Centro, as its name indicates, is the central neighborhood of Sevilla, one of the most attractive regions of Spain. This area contains some of the narrowest streets of the city as well and it is a very dense spot which concentrates an important amount of people and buildings. Walking around and meeting the streets and buildings of this spot is without any doubt a unique experience which those tourists who visit Sevilla should make sure of enjoying.

The streets of El Centro are among the main peculiarities and attractions of the area. These streets are very narrow and have antique buildings to its sides, some of them even with balconies in such a way that people could even reach to each other from one balcony to another. This way, these streets are very charming and following their twisting paths can be a nice activity.

El Centro has several different plazas which can be found in the intersection of some streets. These plazas have been part of the structure of this neighborhood for centuries, becoming a place where people have gathered and met in a very traditional way. Among these plazas there is the Plaza San Francisco, which was created in the XVI century and is the main square of the El Centro.

Another interesting square visitors can meet in El Centro is the Plaza Salvador which the Cathedral of El Salvador, a very interesting construction of Baroque style. The Plaza de Alfalfa is another interesting square located in El Centro and maybe the one which is surrounded by most traffic and people most of the time due to its location.

Besides El Centro’s streets and its squares, there also are several other interesting and exciting things to do in this spot. There is a wide variety of shops, restaurants, pubs, art galleries and many other places available for tourists to visit and have a good time. Within this spo and its surroundings there also are other spots interesting from a historical point of view, such as per example the Cathedral of Sevilla, The Giralda and Alcázar.

Map of El Centro in Sevilla