El Hierro – A young volcanic island

El Hierro is known as the youngest and smallest island in the Canary Islands archipelago. But, besides this characterization, El Hierro is one of the most interesting and beautiful spots in the group as well, offering a unique forestation and some of the most amazing green areas tourists could find in the region.

El Hierro is often known as the hidden island. This island is located towards the south western area of the Canary Islands archipelago and due to this location and its small size seems to be almost hidden. This island has an extension of about 288 square meters and a height of about 1,501 meters, and is full of trees, plants, vegetation and natural areas in such a way that contains an important amount of beautiful and wild spots in comparison with its small size.

The island of El Hierro offers a wide variety of different landscapes and activities from which tourists can choose. This island has impressive cliffs, amazing forests, unique lava formations, and interesting sea shores among others. This way, every visitors would always have the chance to have fun by choosing an activity which suits his needs and preferences.

Another interesting characteristic offered by El Hierro are its typical dishes. Gastronomy is one of the island’s main attractions, since t offers some unique meals along with some of the best dishes of the region. Among these dishes, tourists could enjoy a traditional chorizo sausage, a unique dish prepared with fresh fish, goat milk, and excellent regional white wines among many others.

Weather in El Hierro Island is very nice year around. During summer time, as well as most of spring and autumn, the island offers temperatures of around 23º C, while during winter time temperatures might range between the 18º C and the 20ºC. This way, this island, as well as the rest of the islands in the archipelago, hardly goes through extreme temperatures, and tourists can find a similar weather at any time of the year they might chose for their visit, being this among the most appealing characteristics of the region.

Map of El Hierro in Spain