Gran Canaria and its past

Gran Canaria, in the Canary Islands, is a spot very rich in history as well as it provides very beautiful natural sceneries, full of green areas, beaches, and wild nature. This spot is not only attractive due to its paradisiacal spots and landscapes, but also to its history and the events it has gone through as years passed by. This way, visiting this spot can be a great way to enjoy nature and relax as well as to meet some of the most antique and historic places in Spain.

The origins of Gran Canaria are not completely clear. Some people think that Gran Canaria, along with all the group of Canary Islands are some of the lost islands from the Atlantis, while there also are other scientific explanations to their origins, although many of the local people talk about them as the place of happiness.

The history of Gran Canaria can be traced back to as long ago as the year 500 BC. During this époque, the Guanchesare believed to have inhabited in this island, being the first natives of the region. Several elementary tools and weapons dating from that époque have been found, providing interesting information on the way they lived.

During the XIV century, European forces invaded the Gran Canaria along with the other Canary Islands, and started trying to conquer it from its natives. Towards the year 1485 the Crown of Castile, through Pedro de Vera, completed the conquest and the Gran Canaria was ruled by them.

During the year 1927, the archipelago was divided in two main groups, the Eastern Islands of Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, and the Western Islands of Tenerife, Gomera, Hierro and La Palma. Also during this époque, Gran Canaria became widely recognized as a major tourism spot which would then attract visitors to the entire archipelago in a constant basis.

Nowadays, the main income source in Gran Canaria is based on tourism, and therefore this activity is vital for it. This island, along with many other amazing spots in Canary Islands, are one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world and without any doubt one of the most beautiful ones as well.

Map of Gran Canaria in Spain