Tenerife and nature

Tenerife, in the Spanish region of the Canary Islands, is a very attractive spot full of nature related sights and activities to enjoy. This place is ideal for those tourists who wish to spend a nice time surrounded by green areas, beautiful sea related spots, and a variety of amazing natural landscapes and elements.

There is a very wide variety of things to do in Tenerife, and it is almost impossible to have the chance of being bored while visiting it. Those who wish to spend energies and practice sports would be able to chose among an important range of them, as well as those who rather relaxing would be able to easily do so as well.

One of the first things tourists should do while being in Tenerife is meeting the highest volcano peak in Spain, the Mount Teide. Tourists can easily reach Mount Teide by a cable car which connects the lower part of the island with this spot located at over 12,000 feet and which nowadays has been turned into a national park.

Another interesting spot tourists can meet in Tenerife is the Pine Forest. Pines are among the most characteristic natural elements of the island, and while being in this spot visitors could meet a famous great pine which is about 70 meters in height and shows a thickness of 12 meters.

One of the main attractions Tenerife offers and one of the main reasons it receives a constant amount of visitors are its marine world. Tenerife’s waters are home of about 26 species of dolphins and whales, turning it into a very unique place had to find repeated at other areas in the world.

Tourists who enjoy bird watching and wish to meet exotic birds could also have a great time while being in Tenerife. Tenerife offers a very wide variety of birds, many of them migrating from Africa every year in winter time. This way, this spot is very beautiful to all those tourists who enjoy nature and wish to meet unique species from the under water world as well as in the air.

Map of Tenerife in Spain