Relaxing in La Palma

La Palma, in the Canary Islands archipelago, is a paradisiacal island, where forgetting about every day trouble and stress is almost mandatory. Due to its great beauty and amazing natural environment, this place invites to relax and enjoy all the time, offering several different spots and a variety of different activities in such a way that tourists can always have fun and enjoy.

One of the most interesting characteristics and main attractions in La Palma is its lava formations. La Palma’s volcano has had seven main eruptions which have molded the islands appearance and structure. The last eruption was in the year 1971, produced by the Teneguia vent.

La Palma contains several layers of lava at different spots. The lower lava layer found in the island is composed by what is called pillow lavas. These pillow lavas have a thickness which can range between 10 meters and 350 meters, and sometimes show some basaltic dikes as well.

La Palma is among the smaller islands in the Canary Islands archipelago. This island is located towards the western area of the group, and despite of its lava formations, offers wide extensions of green areas as well as several amazing beaches and beautiful natural landscapes.

While visiting La Palma, tourists could meet a variety of different areas and landscapes. La Palma offers mountains, volcanoes, forests, beaches, charming villages and lava formations among a variety of other spots. Each one of these attractions is very interesting and beautiful, and due to the variety of different landscapes and environments they offer, tourists can always find something to do no matter what their preferences are.

La Palma is also ideal for those tourists who wish to avoid crowds due to the fact that it is less visited than other islands in the archipelago. Most of the time, this spot is very calm and tranquil, as well as it offers several hotels and facilities which would ensure visitors of being comfortable and have a nice time. It is also important to remark that weather is very nice most of the year, without offering any extreme temperatures at any time.

Map of La Palma in Spain