Fuerteventura – A large island

The island of Fuerteventura has the largest coastline in the entire group of Canary Islands. This way, this island is one of the main choices among those tourists whose main interest is to spend time at the beach and enjoy beautiful sea related landscapes, since Fuerteventura has a lot of such attractions to offer.

Fuerteventura offers not only an important amount of different beaches, but some of the most beautiful of the archipelago as well. Tourists who visit Fuerteventura could enjoy of some of the most amazing beaches of the region as well as relax while observing some incredible landscapes, full of color and nature.

The main area visitors should approach in order to find some absolutely incredibly beaches is towards the northern and the southern sides of the Island. The northern and southern areas of Fuerteventura have so amazing beaches that often are compared with the best of the world. This way, tourists should always make sure of meeting such areas of the island and enjoy this great spots created by nature.

One of the most famous beaches in Fuerteventura is Playa Blanca. Playa Blanca is located towards the Puerto del Rosario or Rosario Harbor and offers a great combination of natural beauty and facilities. Tourists who approach this beach could enjoy amazingly clear waters and soft sand along with having access to the Parador, a place where they could drink or eat something.

Another interesting attraction Fuerteventura offers is the chance of fishing in ideal spots. There are some areas in the island which offer perfect water and environmental conditions for fishing. This way, those tourists who enjoy this activity and wish to practice it while relaxing in this beautiful place could easily do so.

Fuerteventura also counts with the advantage of having its own airport, which receives not only small or private airplanes, but some international flights as well. This airport has a runway of around 2,400 meters which receives flights from several origins in a constant basis. This way, reaching the island can be very easy and it offers a variety of ways to access it.

Map of Fuerteventura in Spain