La Gomera Island

La Gomera, belonging to the Canary Islands, is a very peculiar and interesting spot. This island has a central massif of a height of about 1490 meters which can easily be seen from the distance and is, without any doubt, a unique peculiarity. This massif shows a dramatic drop which turns it to be a very impressive place as well as it provides an amazing sight.

Besides its geographical and geological characteristics, La Gomera also offers several other interesting and attractive peculiarities. One of these peculiarities is the way it has maintained its traditions and cultural characteristics through the pass of time. This way, tourists who visit this island could meet some antique traditions and customs in the same way people could have observed them a long time ago.

There are several interesting spots and places tourists should make sure of visiting while being in La Gomera. One of these spots is the Hermigua. The Hermigua is a village of small charming houses which together offer a very interesting landscape. Besides this, it is also interesting to remark that Hermigua shows one of the main banana plantations areas in La Gomera.

Vallehermoso is another spot tourists should try to visit in La Gomera. Vallehermoso shows a very beautiful environment full of natural elements such as fruit trees, palm trees, and exotic plants which give the area a very colorful appearance as well as turn it to be very aromatic and enjoyable through all the senses. Another spot to visit in the island is the Cedar Forest, which is not only among the most interesting spots in La Gomera, but one of the most attractive forests in the entire archipelago as well.

Valle Gran Rey is another of the most interesting places La Gomera offers. Valle Gran Rey shows a variety of trees and natural elements which together turn it to be a very beautiful place. Besides this, those tourists who enjoy sea related activities and landscapes should visit Playa Santiago. Playa Santiago or Santiago Beach is a very beautiful sea area where visitors can not only enjoy the environment but also fish.

Map of La Gomera Island in Spain