Elounda – a fishing village

Elounda, located near to Agios Nikolaos, is a small traditional fishing village full of attractive spots and interesting characteristics. This village is located on Crete, within the Elounda Bay, and is famous by being the major city situated close to the former Spinalonga leper colony. Tourists who visit this town can find a very attractive combination of traditional elements with modern facilities and commodities, being this combination or coexistence of elements usually hard to find at other destinations.

Visiting the village of Elounda after Agios Nikolaos can be a unique experience due to the fact that there is a very attractive road along the shore uniting them and allowing travelers to enjoy amazing landscapes during their journey. Besides this, Elounda itself is also extremely attractive for all those tourists who enjoy landscaping due t the fact that it counts with a small mountain from which visitors can have a unique sight over the town and its surroundings.

The village of Elounda counts with almost any facility a tourist might need, offering a variety of hotels, shops, bars, and restaurants among others. This way, during their visit to this town, tourists can be sure of feeling comfortable and being able to enjoy the beautiful environment without any kind of worries.

The ancient city of Olous used to be located on the same area where Elounda is nowadays, and many ruins of this former village can be still seen spread throughout its territory. Most of these ruins can be seen towards the edge of Elounda’s small peninsula, but many of them can not be seen anymore since they were covered by the sea and nowadays are under its level.

Elounda has gone through important changes during the past 30 years. During these last three decades, this village passed from being a very small and traditional fishing village to a town much more developed and adapted to tourism, having now many hotels, shops, and other tourist facilities. Despite of these changes, it still conserves many of its unique characteristics and traditions, and tourists can still enjoy it as a typical fishing village.

Map of Elounda in Greece