The municipality of Ierapetra

Ierapetra is a Greek municipality located within the prefecture of Lasithi and towards the eastern area of Crete. This is a very interesting destination year around, although tourists who have met it often recommend visiting it during summer time since that is the time when its coasts can be most enjoyable.

The town of Ierapetra is one of the most visited spots in this large municipality that has a territory of about 395.000 km2 and about 21.000 inhabitants. The town of Ierapetra, also known as Gerapetro, is situated by the Ierapetra Bay and is considered an important centre in the entire region.

The town of Ierapetra is considered not only the main town in this municipality but also very important in the region, being the fourth most important town in Crete. This town counts with a population of about 11,500 inhabitants, and has a variety of interesting attractions to offer, such as its bay, its coasts, and its antique constructions.

Nowadays, the town of Ierapetra is often divided in two main areas: Pano Mera and Kato Mera. Pano Mera is a big modern area full of new constructions and shops; while Kato Mera is where most of the antique constructions are and the area which has strongest boundaries with the past. While visiting Kato Mera, tourists would be able to meet a interesting medieval street as well as a variety of unique ancient constructions.

Besides the town of Ierapetra, this municipality also has many other attractive small towns and villages tourists should also try to meet while being in this area of Crete. Among these other attractive spots tourists can visit in Ierapetra, there is, for example, Pachia Ammos, Panaghia, Anatoli, Christos, Episkopi, Ferma, Kato Horio, Messeleri, Selakano, Vatos, and Kentri among others.

The first inhabitants of Ierapetra can be traced back to as long ago as the Minoan times. During the Classical Age, Ierapetra was considered the most important town in the eastern area of Crete and one of the main spots in the entire island. During the 3rd century BC, this town lost some of its good reputation due to the way in which it was used as a hiding place by pirates.

Map of Ierapetra in Greece