The history of Koszeg

Koszeg is a famous historical town located within the Hungarian region of Western Transdanubia, towards the north western region of the country. This city is a great choice for those tourists who, during a vacation in Hungary, wish to meet a place that is very rich in history and has several unique constructions.

The history of Koszeg is very interesting and is without any doubt one of its main attractions. Throughout its life, this city has gone through several important moments and events, and for several centuries it was a favorite spot among the Hungarian aristocracy, fact that still nowadays can be seen reflected in its architecture.

The city of Koszeg was officially founded for the first time during the 13th century by a family of the Heder Clan, the Volfer family. Towards endings of the 13th century, the court of the Koszegi was installed in this city and for several decades it was the seat of the Koszeg Dukes and a very popular spot for the aristocracy.

In 1328, Koszeg became a Royal city and its boundaries and area were officially established. During the 16th century, the Turks trying to invade Koszeg and the town went through several assaults and critical moments, although it still managed to remain free from foreign rulers. Actually, this city is famous as being the only city of the County of Vas that has always been free.

Besides its history, there is also many other interesting facts and appealing spots to visit in Koszeg. Many of the most interesting antique constructions of this city are located within the centre, and tourists who visit it could feel as if they were taken back to medieval times.

One of the most interesting spots tourists should not miss while being in Koszeg is what is known as The Old House, a very appealing and unique antique construction locally called Ohaz. Besides this, visitors should also try to visit the Church of Jesus Heart, the Castle Museum, the Pharmacy Museum, the Jurisics Castle, the Siebenbründel or Hetforras, the Geschriebenstein, and the Hills that surround the town.

Map of Koszeg in Hungary