The beautiful Orseg

Orseg is a very attractive region of Hungary, located towards the north western area of the country and within Western Transdanubia. This region has a large amount of forests and other attractive natural areas, being great for a vacation in Hungary in which visitors expect to relax and enjoy unique landscapes.

The Hungarian region of Orseg is characterized by having a great amount of forests and green spots. Spread now and then between those forests there are several towns and villages, many of them very charming and picturesque, being this way a very attractive destination which is perfect for exploring and walking around.

The villages of Orseg were originally born during the 10th century as very small settlements with no more than 10 houses. Most of these villages still conserve many of these antique houses and constructions, and offer a very peculiar environment. Besides this, many of these villages still have their antique belfry, being this other charming characteristic offered by them.

One of the most picturesque villages tourists would find in Orseg is Pankasz. This village has a few constructions from the époque of the Magyar conquest, a belfry, and a very charming general appearance. Tourists who wish to visit this particular town would be able to find it towards the central area of Orseg.

In the village of Pankasz, visitors could also find a very interesting Romanesque Church. The Romanesque Church of Pankasz, officially called the Church of the Apostle Saint Peter, is a very interesting construction which all those visitors who enjoy disciplines such as architecture and design should not miss. Also in this area of Orseg, visitors would find the Museum of the Orseg Exhibition House, which exhibits a variety of objects and provides information about the history of the region and its villages.

Other interesting spot tourists should try to visit while being in Orseg is the recreational area of the Lake Vadasa, where they could be in contact with the nature and relax surrounded by an outstanding environment. Besides this, visitors should also try to meet the Church of Velemer, which was built in the 13th century and is home of several antique frescoes.