The attractions of Sarvar

Sarvar is a destination full of interesting attractions and which offers an important variety of activities appealing for different ages and preferences, being this way a good choice for a family vacation in Hungary. It is located towards the western area of Hungary, within the region of Western Transdanubia and in the County of Vas. In this town, visitors can meet attractive constructions, visit a spa, meet an arboretum, swim, fish, ride horses, ride bikes, and take canoeing tours, among many other activities.

The city of Sarvar has a population of about 15,700 inhabitants and an area of approximately 64.5 km2, in such a way that its density is of around 242 inhabitants per km2. It is renown in the region by its medicinal waters as well as by its attractive landscapes and interesting antique constructions. This city is strategically located next to an important road that connects Lake Balaton with Austria, being this way very easy to be found and reached.

Among the main attractions visitors could find in Sarvar is the city’s spa, an arboretum, a Baroque Church, and the Nadasdy Castle. In the Spa of Sarvar, tourists would be able to enjoy medicinal waters which have curative effects as well as to relax while being surrounded by a very tranquil and attractive environment.

The Nadasdy Castle is other of the most interesting attractions offered by Sarvar. This castle was built in the middle Ages and shows a clear Renaissance style combined with some other interesting elements as well. Some of the most attractive parts of this castle are: its arching bridge, its peculiar internal court, and its natural surroundings and gardens. This construction has been home of several important Hungarian families, such as, for example, Ludwig III and his family, the Habsburgs, the Lotharings, and the Prince Franz with his family.

The arboretum of Sarvar is other of the main attractions of this city and one of the most enjoyed by children. This arboretum is located very close to the Nadasdy Castle and used to be the main garden of the Bavarian King Ludwig III. Nowadays, it has more than 340 different trees and plants and has been named an environmental protection area.

Map of Sarvar in Hungary