Some facts about Szombathely

Szombathely is a Hungarian town located within the region of Western Transdanubia, towards the north western area of the country and close to the border with Austria. This city is the administrative centre of the County of Vas and counts with several appealing attractions tourists should not miss while choosing this region for a vacation in Hungary.

The city of Szombathely is famous by being the most antique city in Hungary. This city was officially recognized as such and founded in the year 45 BC, and called Colonia Claudia Savariensum. Soon after it was founded, this city also became the capital of the Province of Pannoia Superior which was part of the Roman Empire and became a popular spot as well as a very relevant commercial centre.

The actual name of this city, Szombathely, was origined as a reference to the Roman city of Savaria. This name is composed by the terms “Stein Am Anger” and can be translated as Stones on the Field. In Latin, this city was also known as Sabaria, term which derives from Sibaris and has a combined root of Proto Indo European origins.

During the 5th century, Szombathely went through several critical moments. In the year 440, the Huns invaded the city and, after defeating its inhabitants, settled in it until the year 445. But not long after that, in the year 458, the city was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake. Despite of this, some inhabitants still remained in the city and re-constructed it, often using the same stones from the old Roman buildings.

During beginnings of the 6th century, new inhabitants arrived to Szombathely at the same time that most of its Latin population left it. The first new inhabitants that arrived to Szombathely were Longobards and Goths, and after them, groups of Avars and Slavics settled in these lands as well. As it can be seen, this city has gone through many different and interesting historical moments, which combined with its antiquity and commercial importance cause it to be a very attractive destination which tourists should always try to visit when traveling to the north western region of Hungary.

Map of Szombathely in Hungary