Gyor, capital of the Gyor Moson Sopron County

Gyor, also known as Rab, Raab, and Yank Tale, is a large city located towards the north western area of Hungary and within the region of Western Transdanubia. This city is very important due to several factors, such as that it is the capital of the large County of Gyor Moson Sopron, and is crossed by one of the main routes of Central Europe.

There are many reasons by which tourists should not miss meeting Gyor when going to the North West during a vacation in Hungary. This city has a wide variety of different attractions and a very interesting history that can be seen reflected in its constructions and cultural places, being a great choice for tourists of all ages and preferences.

The area where the city of Gyor nowadays is located has been inhabited since as long ago as the 5th century BC. According to historians, during that époque, this area of Hungary was inhabited by a group of Celts and the actual Gyor was known as Arrabona. Gyor was known as Arrabona for many centuries, and still nowadays is the root of the name given to it in some countries, such as Rab in Slovak or Raab in German.

Towards the 1st century BC, the then city of Arrabona became home of a group of Roman settlers. These settlers stayed in this city for some centuries, and not long after their establishment in it, the Roman army became in charge of this region of Hungary and named it Pannonia. Most of the Romans left this region of Hungary towards the 4th century, although some inhabitants stayed in it.

During the following centuries, after the Romans, Gyor was occupied by several other settlers. Towards the 6th century, it became occupied by a group of Slav, not long after that by the Lombards, and then by the Avars. During the 10th century, this town became settled by the Magyars who changed its appearance by remodeling some constructions such as the antique Roman fortress. Not long after that époque, the city became inhabited by Hungarians and received the name of Gyor.

Map of Gyor in Hungary