The productive Kalocsa

Kalocsa is a prosperous and attractive town located towards the central southern region of Hungary and at approximately 90 miles from the south of Budapest. Several centuries ago, Kalocsa used to be one of the most important cities in all Hungary, and although it is located at a marshy area, it still manages to be a very productive and prosperous spot.

The city of Kalocsa has several antique and interesting buildings, and is a spot which tourists should try not to miss visiting when going to the south during a vacation in Hungary. Among the most interesting constructions tourists could find in Kalocsa, there are, for example, several college buildings, a cathedral, an astronomical observatory, and an archiepiscopal palace, and many others.

Kalocsa is located within the Great Hungarian Plain, a very attractive and peculiar geographical area. In this region of Hungary, visitors would be able to find an amazing flora, a wide variety of animals such as several peculiar bird species, and many beautiful landscapes provided by the combination of the nature and several rivers such as the River Marcos, the River Danube, and the River Tisza.

Kalocsa is one of the oldest towns in Hungary. This town was officially founded by King Stephen not long ago after the Hungarian State itself was founded. During its beginnings, Kalocsa had a rather tranquil life, but this calm became interrupted towards middles of the 13th century when the army of the Mongolian nation, known as the Tartars, invaded the town and caused important damages to it.

Other critical moment Kalocsa went through took place in the year 1529, when the Turks invaded it. After that event, the town lost much of its prosperity and wealth, and at beginnings of the 17th century it was almost completely burnt by the Calvinistic Haiduk. The town did not recover its prosperity and popularity until the 19th century, when an important amount of new settlers arrived. Nowadays, Kalocsa has a steady economy and maintains a picturesque and tranquil environment, being a good choice for those tourists who wish to find many different attractions combined with beautiful natural spots and quiet surroundings.

Map of Kalocsa in Hungary