Some facts about Kecskemet

Kecskemet is an attractive town located towards the central region of Hungary and within the County of Bacs Kiskum of which it is the seat. This city has a population of approximately 108,500 inhabitants and an area of about 321,5 km2, in such a way that its density is of around 337 inhabitants per km2, and due to the several attractions it offers it is a must for all those tourists who travel to the south during a vacation in Hungary.

The best time of the year to visit Kecskemet is between June and August, when temperatures are around the 20 º Celsius. During winter time, especially between December and February, the temperature can go very low, in such a way that the average during January is of 2º Celsius. Therefore, the best time of the year to visit this city and be able to walk around and meet interesting spots comfortable is during summer time.

According to experts on the subject, Kecskemet has been inhabited since five millenniums ago. This fact is confirmed by several archaeological findings which where discovered in this area of Hungary and which allow experts to affirm it. Despite of this, the first official mention known in relation of the town of Kercskemet as it is known nowadays dates from the 14th century.

It might be interesting to know that Kecskemet is divided within 22 different areas or sections. These areas are: Mariavaros, Belvaros, Bethlenvaros, Arpadvaros, Szechenyivaros, Erzebetvaros, Hunyadivaros, Rakoczivaros, Szent Istvanvaros, Kossuthvaros, Alsoszekto, Talfaja, Katonatelep, Kadafalva, Matko, Felsoszekto, Szent Laszlo- varos, Szarkas, Repuloter,Borbaspuszta, and Mentelek. Each one of these spots counts with interesting attractions and sights, and visitors should try to visit as many of them as possible.

There are several interesting attractions and spots tourists could visit while being in Kecskemet. Among these attractions, we can name, for example, the Cifra Palota, the City Hall, the Synagogue, the Jozsef Katona Theatre, and the Old Church. Besides this, tourists might also find interesting to know that this spot has been the birth home or residence place of several famous personalities, such as Jozsef Katona, Zoltan Kodaly, Andras Gaspar, and Kalman Latabar.

Map of Kecskemet in Hungary