Kalymnos and the Aegean Sea

Kalymnos, located in the south eastern side of the Aegean Sea, is one of the most appealing islands of the Dodecanese archipelago. This island is famous as a rock climbing and a sea sports center, in such a way that receives many tourists who approach willing to climb, dive, sail, and surf on a constant basis. But, besides the sea sports it features, this island also offers many other appealing things to do and a variety of attractions suitable to tourists of all ages and preferences, in such a way that those who are willing to have a relaxing and tranquil vacation would be as satisfied as those who wish to find exciting activities and lively places to visit.

A high percentage of the population of the island of Kalymnos shows the peculiarity of living in the capital town during winter time and moving to the holiday resorts of the island during summer time. As most of the other islands of the Dodecanese, Kalymnos bases its economy resources on the commercialization of products through its port and its tourist activities.

The main tourist spot of Kalymnos is Massouri. In Massouri, visitors would find an important number of facilities, hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs. This is an ideal spot for those travelers who approach to this island willing to find exciting things to do at night as well as during day time, since it is, without any doubt, the liveliest spot in this destination.

Near Kalymnos, visitors could find the small island of Telendos. Before the year 555, Telendos was part of Kalymnos, but an earthquake separated it in such a way that, nowadays, both islands have about 800 meters of water between them. It might be important to know that this island has a non active volcano in its center and nowadays earthquakes are not very frequent anymore.

Kalymnos has beautiful natural landscapes and spots, such as, for example, many rock formations and attractive caves. The caves of Kalymnos are counted among the main attractions offered by this destination. One of the most interesting caves tourists can meet in this island is the Grande Grotta, a yellowish cave of great dimensions which is full of stalactites in its interior.

Map of Kalymnos in Greece