Relaxing in Kassos

Kassos is a beautiful and tranquil destination ideal for relaxing and loosing stress while being surrounded by amazing landscapes and meeting unique places. Kassos is one of the most peaceful of the Dodecanese islands, and is perfect for every visitor who wishes to meet a place which conserves its traditions and counts with unspoiled natural landscapes.

One of the best ways of meeting Kassos is with a guided tour or walk. When visiting this island, tourists will surely be asked or hear about guided walks and excursions which provide a great chance of meeting the most interesting spots within the destination while learning interesting facts as well. This is very recommendable for those who are just meeting Kassos and wish to know and learn as much as possible about the destination at the beginning of their vacation.

According to historians and other experts, the first inhabitants of Kassos were the Phoenicians. During that époque, the island was called “The Sea Foam Island”, fact that is known through The Iliad of Homer. After the Phoenicians, the next inhabitants of Kassos were the Dorians, who remained in it until the Trojan War of the 2nd century BC. It is also interesting to know that, after its original name of The Sea Foam Island, Kassos had several other denominations, such as Astravi, Amphi, and Achni among others.

Another important historical moment in the life of Kassos took place during the Persian Wars, around the year 485 BC. During that time, Kassos, along with many other islands in that Mediterranean region, became controlled by the Athenian State. This situation changed after what is known as the Rhodian War, when most of these islands became ruled by the Macedonians.

Subsequently, the island of Kassos, as most of the other islands and spots in the region, was controlled by several different rulers. Some of the historical events and rulers that have caused the most important impact in the islands’ history were the Arab pirates and the Latin Crusaders, although most of the others also left their mark in the island in one way or another.

Map of Kassos in Greece