The small Kastellorizo

Kastellorizo is a small charming island that is located towards the eastern region of the Mediterranean Sea, and is part of the Greek Dodecanese archipelago. Throughout its history, this island has had several different names, such as Castelrosso, Castellorizo, Meis, and nowadays as Meyisti, a term that can be translated as “the biggest”, despite of the fact that the island is very small.

The island of Kastellorizo has a territory of around 9,3 km2 with three capes and a bay. Next to the bay, tourists would be able to find the only town of the island, Agios Nikolaos. The town of the island of Kastellorizo shows a very charming general appearance composed by white houses with wooden balconies and many antique constructions, in such a way that all those tourists who enjoy disciplines such as design and architecture would surely enjoy this destination.

One of the most interesting constructions tourists can meet in the town of Kastellorizo is the Delegation Building which was built in 1926 by Di Fausto, a famous architect who designed many buildings in Rhodes. The Plateia Ethelondon or Central Square of Kastellorizo is another spot tourists should visit in the town, as well as the Church of Agios Elias and the Castle of the Knights of Rhodes, both of them located close to the square.

The Paleokastro or Old Castle, locally known as the Castle of Panaghia, is another unique construction visitors can meet in Kastellorizo. This castle is located over one of the highest hills of the island, the Mount Vigla, and was built by the Greeks mainly with limestone blocks. This Castle counts with the peculiarity of having a Doric inscription from the 3rd century BC carved on its base.

The most famous attraction of Kastellorizo is what is known as the Blue Cave, locally called Phokiali. This cave has a length of around 45 meters and a width of approximately 30 meters, and is famous by the way in which the sun light rays are reflected by the water into it, causing it to be filled by a bluish or silver color in such a way that the environment is very magical and mysterious as well as extremely beautiful.

Map of Kastellorizo in Greece