Lakki – the port of Leros

Lakki is the most important port of the island of Leros, located next to the beach of Aegiali, in the Dodecanese archipelago. This port is actually one of the largest and most important harbors in the entire Mediterranean Sea, and therefore it is a very lively spot full of activity year around.

The town of Lakki, surrounding the port, is a very attractive destination which combines unique sea landscapes with interesting constructions. Due to the importance of its port and the great amount of visitors it receives on a constant basis, this is one of the most exciting and active spots tourists could find in the Dodecanese archipelago.

Among the main attractions offered by Lakki, and probably on first place, there is its port and other sea related spots. This port is a must for every tourist who visits the island of Leros as well as it is often counted as one of the major attractions in the entire Dodecanese.

The beaches of Lakki are other attraction tourists should never miss, and especially all those who enjoy being close to the sea. One of the most attractive and visited beaches this town has is Aegiali. Aegiali is a beautiful beach which has soft white sands and clear waters, and is perfect for swimming as well as for sunbathing.

The Lakki Village tavern is one of the most traditional places in this town. This tavern is famous by its strategic location and by the fact that it is open all day. In this tavern, visitors can enjoy several traditional dishes with the unique taste of home made food, as well as, for example, witness a beautiful sunset surrounded by an amazing sea landscape.

The history of Lakki is very interesting and full of unique events which have left their mark in the town’s appearance and constructions. An example of this is provided by several Italian constructions that were built during World War II when this spot was used as an Italian military base. Besides this, Lakki also has many other constructions in a variety of styles, some of them considered by the experts as monuments.

Map of Lakki in Greece