Limnos, in the prefecture of Lesbos

Limnos, also known as Lemnos, is a big island that is part of the north eastern Aegean Islands and belongs to the Prefecture of Lesbos. This island has a territory of approximately 150 square miles or 480 km2, most of which is composed by mountainous landscapes mixed with some green spots and valleys as well as a very attractive coastline and beautiful beaches.

According to the ancient Greek mythology, Limnos would be the home place of Hephaestus, son of Zeus. When Hephaestus arrived to Lemnos, and according to the Iliad, he met Cabiro, a Thracian nymph with whom he gave birth to the tribe of Cabiroides. This is why the Cabiroides would worship Hephaestus and Cabiro and dedicate a variety of sacred rites to them.

Other mythological legends in reference to Limnos mention that this island was where Dionysus brought Ariadne when she was abandoned at Naxos. After bringing Ariadne to Limnos, they gave birth to Oenopion, Thoas, Staphylus, and Peparethus. Also, according to the ancient mythology, all the original men of Limnos left their wives going after Thracian women. When that happened, the Limnos women killed their husbands in revenge, giving birth to a very popular Hellenic expression: Lemnian deeds.

When going to Lemnos for a vacation in Greece, tourists would find a very attractive island with more than 30 different towns and villages as well as a great number of beaches of different sizes and characteristics. Besides this, tourists might also find interesting to know that when visiting this island they could meet the only desert of all Europe, being this one of the most interesting attractions offered by Limnos.

The best time of the year to visit Limnos is between May and September, although in high season it might tend to be crowded and therefore the ideal time to meet the island might be during the last weeks of spring and the first weeks of autumn. During August Limnos might not only tend to be crowded but it usually has strong winds which might not be very pleasant when willing to go to the beach.

Map of Limnos in Greece