Myrina, the capital of Lemnos

Myrina, also known as Kastro, is the capital city of the island of Lemnos, in the region of the north eastern Aegean Islands. This city has the main port of the island and is home of about 4.500 inhabitants, most of whom base their resources on activities related to fishing and tourism. Myrina, like all Lemnos, is a very attractive destination where tourists can find a wide variety of activities to do and many interesting places to visit in such a way that no matter what their preferences are, they will surely be able to have a nice time.

One of the most famous attractions of the city of Myrna is its Venetian castle. This castle, constructed in a rocky area towards the shore, is one of the most attractive antique constructions tourists could visit when they travel to the Aegean Islands for a vacation in Greece.

The castle of Myrina was first built in the Classical times with the purpose of being used as a temple where to worship the god Artemis. The walls and general structure of this castle were designed by Andronicus Comnenus and were completed towards the year 1190. During the 15th and 16th centuries, the original structure was changed and rebuilt first by the Venetians and then by the Turks.

The city of Myrina is characterized by having many constructions of Thracian style built around the harbor area and offering a very charming landscape when arriving to it from the sea. Besides this, and despite of the fact that this island receives important amounts of tourists on a constant basis, it has managed to remain unspoiled by them and maintains its spirit and traditions as well as a charming village-like appearance.

Myrina is often described as having two main different areas which can be seen as divided by the castle. The first of these areas is to the south, where most of the stores, shops and the harbor beach are. The second area can be found on the north and is where most of the city’s pubs, taverns, and cafes are located causing it to be the most exciting spot of this town during night time.

Map of Myrina in Greece