The archaeological Pythagorio

The town of Pythagorio is the capital of the municipality of same name and is a spot of great archaeological interest due to the fact that it is located where the ancient city of Samos was. This town can be found towards the eastern area of Chora, at about 13 kilometres from the actual capital city of Samos, and close to other attractive spots such as Piraeus, Marathokambos, and Karlovassi.

Pythagorio is a great choice for a trip to Greece due to several reasons. This town is very attractive for not only those tourists who are interested in anthropology but also for those who wish to go to a destination that offers beautiful natural landscapes, great beaches, an exciting nightlife, and a traditional environment.

Tourists who wish to travel to a destination that offers an exciting and varied night life could not go wrong by choosing Pythagorio. Pythagorio has more than 65 nightclubs, bars, cafes and pubs in such a way that it is considered the most exciting and liveliest nightlife spot in all Samos. This way, this town causes the island of Samos to be among the most visited by young people in all the region of the north eastern Aegean Islands.

One of the most interesting attractions visitors could find in Pythagorio is its port. The Port of Pythagorio was built while the island was ruled by Polikrates and nowadays is considered as the most antique manmade port in the entire Mediterranean. This port receives hundreds and even thousands of yachts every year and within its surroundings is where most of the town’s nightclubs, pubs and cafes are located.

The town of Pythagorio is very friendly and welcoming with tourists and this can be reflected in the fact that it has more than 5400 hotels and rooms of different prices and characteristics. Besides this, the Port of Pythagorio counts with water, electricity, fuel and telephone services available to yachts and boats, in such a way that most tourists can be sure that their needs will be covered and they will surely be able to be comfortable during their visit to this town.