Madrid’s Plaza Mayor

The Plaza Mayor in Madrid is one of the central spots of the city in which tourists can meet several different aspects of the Spanish traditions and culture. Since its origins in the XVII century, this square has witnessed a great amount of historical events and many great moments in different époques have centered in this spot.

Madrid’s Plaza Mayor is located in the Habsburg Madrid area, between the Puerta del Sol and the Royal Palace, surrounded by a great building which almost hides it from being easily seen. This way, in order to reach the Plaza mayor, visitors must pay attention and find the passage ways spread throughout the surrounding building in order to be able to enter to the square.

As time passed by and history was written, Plaza Major has had a major role in many of the main events of the city. This way, many historical tournaments, bullfights, executions, trials, weddings and many other events have taken place in this square during the last four centuries, turning it into a very interesting spot from an historical point of view.

Nowadays, this square is home of a variety of events and curiosities to observe. While walking through it, tourists could meet some local people selling their craft works or artists painting portraits. Besides this, there are some important events planned in this square some times, such as concerts and shows of free access.

During summer time, visitors could find many tables and chairs placed throughout the Plaza Mayor by some surrounding restaurants. This way, during this season tourists could not only walk around, but also sit down and enjoy a typical local dish or a coffee while being surrounded by one of the most iconic atmospheres of Madrid.

Towards the central area of the Plaza Mayor there is the statue of Philip III, who asked for the square to be built during the first decades of the XVII century. The square is surrounded by a building from which, centuries ago, people used to witness coronations, trials, weddings, and many other events. Within this surrounding building there are several shops, cafes and restaurants.

Steet View of Plaza Mayor in Madrid