The Centro de Arte Reina Sofia

The Centro de Arte Reina Sofía or Reina Sofía Art Center is one of the main modern art centers of Spain and one of the first places visitors who enjoy arts should visit while being in Madrid. This art center exhibits art works from several different amazing artists such as Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró and Pablo Picasso among others.

Reina Sofía Art Center in Madrid is unique not only due to the amazing art work pieces exhibited within its interior, but due to the way its antique architecture has been recycled and combined with some modern elements. Visiting this spot is a unique experience not only from an artistic point of view but from an architectonic one as well.

The building of the Centro de Arte Reina Sofia used to be an antique hospital of simple architecture and which used to show a clear granite facade. Nowadays this building has received glass elevators and other modern additions which cause it to have a rather interesting appearance, although its interior is, without any doubt, the most attractive side.

The interior of the building where the Centro de Arte Reina Ana is established is mainly divided within three areas: an auditorium, a public library and the modern art exhibitions spot. Each one of these areas is located in an almost independent building, although the three of them belong to the same art center.

The area dedicated to modern art is the most attractive for tourists due to the beauty of the pieces which can be observed in it. Within the second floor of the building, visitors could observe art work pieces from some of the most amazing artists of Europe and the world from all times such as Picasso or Dalí, while within the fourth floor visitors can observe art works from contemporary artists from Spain as well as from several other countries. Observing the different groups of art works and learning about them is very easy due to the fact that the different collections are placed on different rooms ordered according to the time they were made and their creator.

Street View of Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid