The neighborbood of Huertas

Huertas is one of the most traditional neighborhoods of Madrid as well as one of the most diverse ones. This spot maintains some of the most typical traditions and cultural characteristics of Spain despite the pass of the years and the addition of new cultural elements.

The neighborhood of Huertas is one of the oldest spots in Madrid as well as one of the poorest. This area is one of the most preferred by artists and those who enjoy a bohemian life style, and is a place in which all those who rather having a nice time in a simple and easy going environment would feel very comfortable.

Huertas is also characterized by being home of an important amount of immigrants from a wide variety of different origins. This way, this spot is very varied and tourists could not only meet some of the most antique Spanish traditions but also some typical cultural aspects from a variety of other places as well.

One of the main activities which attract tourists to this neighborhood is its gastronomical variety. Due to the diversity of people from different origins who inhabit in this spot, there is a wide variety of international dishes available at many of the local restaurants. Besides the variety, this area’s gastronomy also offers good dishes for a lower price than other areas.

Fun and nightlife is another of this spot’s main characteristics. A variety of cafes, pubs, discos and bars is open every day of the week in such a way that a great amount of young people approach in order to have fun from not only Madrid but other spots as well.

Besides all these entertainment related offers, Huertas also has some interesting constructions and monuments for visitors to meet. One of these constructions is the Convento de las Trinitarias Descalzas. Despite of the fact that this spot is not open to visitors, it is still very interesting to observe it’s exterior due to the fact that it was built during the first years of the XVII century and counts on an interesting past and anecdotes worthwhile to learn before meeting it.

Map of Huertas in Madrid