The Opera in Madrid

Madrid has had a great relationship with the Opera through its entire history, and nowadays it still has an important role within the city. This way, those who enjoy the opera would probably be able to have a great time in Madrid by visiting one of the several options it always offers through several of its theaters.

The main place in which visitors can enjoy a great opera while being in Madrid is the Teatro Real. The Teatro Real is one of the most famous spots of Madrid and which attracts people from not only the city but from a variety of other spots as well due to its great history and the quality of the plays and operas it offers. This theater has been offering excellent operas and plays for a great amount of time, and its history is part of its attractive.

There is a variety of plays and operas visitors could enjoy in the Teatro Real in Madrid. Operas vary depending on the époque of the year and tourists could enjoy some different ones depending on the time they visit the town. No matter when tourists visit Madrid, they would always find a great play or opera offered by the Teatro Real.

The Teatro Real in Madrid, located by the Plaza de Oriente, does not only offer amazing operas but it also is very enjoyable due to its architecture and structure. This theatre is one of the most beautiful and peculiars of Spain and the surroundings, and is home to the Symphony Orchestra and Choir of Madrid, offering excellent quality entertainment year around. This spot is, without any doubt, one of the major attractions of not only Madrid but the entire country as well.

Although many of the operas tourists could enjoy in Madrid vary from one period of the year to the other, there are some of them which are almost constantly rotating. Among these rotating operas we can name The Barber of Seville by Rossini, El dúo de la africana by Manuel Fernández Caballero, Macbeth by Verdi, Die Zauberflote by Mozart, and La Traviata by Verdi.

Street View of Teatro Real in Madrid