Mako, in Southeastern Hungary

Mako is a popular Hungarian city located towards the southeastern area of the country, on the shore of the Maros River and within the County of Csongrad. This city counts with several appealing attractions, among which we can remark its spa, and is therefore a great option for any tourist who wishes to not only meet interesting spots but also relax during a vacation in Hungary.

The city of Mako is renown by being one of the sunniest areas of Hungary. This town and its surroundings have a percentage of about 87 sunny days per year, and during summer time the climate is usually dry and warm, providing great conditions for enjoying its beautiful environments, its river banks, and its spa. The best time of the year to visit this town is between June and August, when the weather is most propitious for outdoor activities such as meeting attractive constructions, riding bikes and visiting the natural surroundings, going to the spa or bathing in the river.

The economy of Mako is mainly based in agriculture related activities. This city is renown in the rest of Hungary as well as in some other countries by its production of garlic and onion. Farmers have been growing onion in this region of Hungary since as long ago as the 16th century, when it was discovered that its lands were very propitious for it. Since then, this town has been recognized in many world expos as a very valuable producer of both garlic and onion.

The characteristics of the soil and mug of Mako also allow this town to have one of the most famous spas in Hungary since middles of the 20th century. This spa offers amazing waters with curative effects as well as a beautiful environment and unique natural landscapes, in such a way that it is a must for every tourist who visits the city.

Visitors might find interesting to know that several important Hungarian personalities were born in Mako. Among the most famous people who were born in this city, we can name, for example, Joseph Pulitzer, the famous journalist who became renown in America but was born in this town 1847.

Map of Mako in Hungary