Opusztaszer and its memorial park

Opusztaszer is an interesting destination located towards the southern area of Hungary, and more specifically within the region of the Southern Great Plain. This city has several appealing attractions, among which we should remark its memorial park which is one of the most interesting spots in tourists could find when traveling to that region of the country during their vacation in Hungary.

The memorial park of Opusztaszer is where what is known as the blood pact between the main Magyar tribes that were settled in this region of Hungary took place at beginnings of the 10th century. This pact was very important not only to this region of Hungary but to the entire country as well, causing this spot to be a very relevant historical place which attracts tourists from many different origins on a constant basis.

Towards the central spot of the memorial park of Opusztaszer visitors would find an antique statue, the statue of Chieftain Arpad, the main Magyar leader. This statue was created more than 100 years ago and is one of the main icons of Opusztaszer, representing a very important moment in the history of the city.

One of the main attractions of Opusztaszer is the Feszty Panorama. The Feszty Panorama is a unique painting of great dimensions, considered to be one of the largest of its kind in the entire world. This painting was created by Arpad Feszty towards endings of the 19th century and depictures the moment when the Magyars arrived to this area of Hungary within an area of 1760 m2.

Other important attraction visitors should not miss in Opusztaszer is the Promenade 1896. The Promenade 1896 is an exhibition where tourists can find a variety of real size models wearing different traditional clothes. The clothes exhibited in this place are typical of this region of Hungary as well as of many other parts of the country. Also, near this spot, visitors could find several other attractions, such as the Benedictine Monastery of Szer, several antique churches, the Saint Gellert Bell, the Open Air Ethnographic Collection, and the Garden of Ruins, among others.

Map of Opusztaszer in Hungary