Marathi – in Arki

Marathi is the second largest island in the small group of islets of Araki, located opposite to Arkoi. This island is very charming and picturesque and offers amazing natural landscapes as well as a few unique beaches in such a way that it is a must for every tourist who enjoy sea landscapes and visits this region of the Dodecanese.

The island of Marathi is where most of Arki’s tourist facilities are, in such a way that visitors could find a variety of rooms, shops, and taverns that would allow them to stay in this destination and be comfortable for as long as they wish. Besides this, reaching Marathi from the capital of Arki is very easy due to the fact that it is at a distance of no more than 7 kilometres from it, as well as it can be also reached from several other places, such as, for example, from the close airport of Chania.

Marathi has several caves which are considered to be among the main attractions of Arki. Along with these caves, tourists could meet some mines, marble quarries, as well as a very interesting Statue of the Nymph which is located next to the entrance of one of the main caves. These caves can be found at about 6 kilometers from Parikia, and tourists who go by car could easily travel to it on the road that connects this spot with Lefkes.

One of the most outstanding characteristics or spots of Marathi is the White Mountain or Lefki Ori. This spot counts with several facilities such as taverns and shops, as well as it has a charming fishing harbour and a very attractive beach, and during summer time becomes one of the most popular and visited areas of Arki.

Due to its location and geographical characteristics, Marathi is very attractive during winter time as well as during summer. The beach of Marathi is located in an area which allows it to avoid the west and north winds, in such a way that, during winter time, it is one of the warmest and most enjoyable beaches tourists could find in the entire Dodecanese.

Map of Marathi in Greece