Margaret Island, in Budapest

Margaret Island is an attractive spot located within central Budapest, in the Danube, right between Buda and Pest. This island has a length of approximately 2.5 kilometers and counts with several different attractions, in such a way that is considered to be one of the most attractive spots tourists can visit while being in Budapest during a vacation in Hungary.

The Margaret Island is often also known as Margit Sziget, Margitsziget, and Margit Island, and therefore tourists should not feel confused if they hear any of those names since they all refer to the same place. This island is not only one of the major tourist attractions of Budapest but also an important recreational center for the inhabitants of the city, who often go to it to enjoy its green areas or its water park.

Tourists who visit the Margaret Island would be able to meet the biggest open swimming complex and water park in the city. This turns this island into an extremely attractive spot for all those visitors who enjoy water related sports as well as to families with children, since it can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Besides its water park, Margaret Island also has several other attractions, such as, for example, the Centennial Memorial which commemorates the unification of the city. Besides this, tourists would also be able to find an athletics centre, an open air theatre, a tennis stadium, a musical fountain, a zoo, a water tower, and a Japanese garden.

Tourists who wish to spend more than a day in Margaret Island can easily do so due to the fact that it has a couple of hotels as well as any other facility a visitor might need to be comfortable. Besides this, it might also be interesting to know that this island can not be accessed with any other vehicle than taxis and buses, but once they are in the island visitors can rent cycle-cars, being this a great choice for those who wish to visit as much of this destination as possible in a short period of time.

Map of Margaret Island in Budapest