The Heroes’ Square of Budapest

The Heroes’ Square is one of the main attractions of Budapest and a must for tourists who visit the city during a vacation in Hungary. This square, located next to the City Park and on the Andrassy Avenue, is one of the biggest in Hungary as well as one of the most interesting from the point of view of history and symbolism.

Towards the central area of the Heroes’ Square, visitors would find the Millenary or Millennium Monument. The Millennium Monument was built in honor to the tribes that founded the country during the 9th century and has statues of all the leaders of such tribes. This monument was intended to be completed for the 1000th anniversary of the foundation of Hungary, in 1896, but it was not finished until 1929. This monument gave this square its actual name, being called the Heroes’ Square in honor to the leaders represented in statues.

The sculptures of the tribes’ leaders of the Millennium Monument are placed forming a semi circular shape. This sculptures represent leaders such as Ladislaus I of Hungary, Bela IV of Hungary, Stephen I of Hungary, Louis I of Hungary, Andrew II of Hungary, Coloman of Hungary, Stephen Bocskai, John Hunyadi, Lajos Kossuth, Imre Thokoly, Matthias Corvinus of Hungary, Gabriel Betheln, and Francis II Rakoczi.

It might also be interesting to know that several important historical moments in the life of Hungary have taken place in this square. An example of this is the Reburial of Imre Nagy, for which a multitude of approximately 250.000 people gathered in this square. This also reflects the size of this square and the large amount of people it can receive.

Also, other interesting fact about the Heroes’ Square is that there is an almost identical duplicate of it located in Shangai, in the Shangai Global Paradise. Tourists who wish to reach the Heroes’ Square by underground could easily do so since this square is a station of the Millennium Underground line, but they would also be able to reach it by bus, or any other city transportation method they might rather.

Street View from the Heroes’ Square of Budapest