The interesting past of Mohács

Mohács is a Hungarian city located towards the south western area of the country, within the region of Southern Transdanubia and part of the Baranya County. This city has been where two important battles had place, and is therefore a very interesting historical destination which tourists who are interested in such characteristic should not miss during their vacation in Hungary.

The first Battle of Mohács took place in this city in the year 1526, while the second was in 1687. Both of them had a great importance and impact not only in this city but in the surroundings and the entire country as well. The battle that took place in 1526 is sometimes recognized as the most important one, and often when a person names “the Battle of Mohács” is talking about that specific one.

The importance of the battles of Mohács is mainly based on the fact that they were fundamental for ending with the Ottoman domination in the country. During the first of these battles, the Kingdom of Hungary fought against the Ottoman Empire with a victory of the Ottomans as a result. This had important consequences for Hungary, since an important part of it became ruled and controlled by the Ottomans for a long period of time.

After the Ottoman victory of 1526, Hungary became controlled not only by this empire, but also some parts of it were ruled by the Principality of Transylvania and the Habsburg Monarchy of Austria. Despite of their victory, after the Battle of Mohács, the Ottomans were insecure and did not start controlling Hungary until beginnings of the 1540’s. They started by occupying Buda and then spreading throughout other areas of the country.

Nowadays, the citizens of Mohács and Hungarians in general remember this battle as one of the darkest moments in the history of the country. That battle marked a crucial point in which the independence of the country would be lost for an important period of time, and this is still in the mind of its inhabitants. The effect of this battle can be seen reflected in a saying Hungarians use when an unlucky event happens: “more was lost at Mohács”.

Map of Mohács in Hungary