Siklós, in the Villany Hills

Siklós is an attractive town situated within the Hungarian county of Baranya, in the region of Southern Transdanubia, and in the Villany Hills. This town offers a very appealing and charming environment due to the fact that it is built surrounding a small hill on top of which there is a castle which was constructed during the 14th century, being this way a very attractive destination which tourists should not miss when traveling to the Villany Hills during a vacation in Hungary.

The town of Siklós has an area of approximately 51 km2 and a population of about 10,400 inhabitants, having this way a density of around 204 inhabitants per km2. It is a very tranquil and picturesque spot, in which visitors can find friendly people as well as enjoy amazing landscapes, meet antique constructions, and relax surrounded by a natural and unspoiled environment.

The Castle of Siklós is without any doubt one of the main attractions offered by this destination. Tourists who visit this castle would still be able to see many of its walls and structural elements, being these among the most antique ruins in the region of Southern Transdanubia. Even when walking to the castle, visitors should be alert and enjoy the landscapes around them as well as the view of the castle from distance which is quite peculiar and attractive.

From the interior of the castle, visitors could enjoy an amazing view over Siklós and its surroundings, as well as meet several interesting rooms which tell part of the history of the region. Besides this, this castle is home of the Gloves and Hats museum, other interesting attraction offered by Siklós.

Also in the Castle of Siklós, visitors could find a gallery exhibiting pictures, sculptures and art works created by local artists and depicturing different events, personalities and landscapes of the region. Near the castle, there also is a museum of wine, exhibiting different objects related to the local wine production. Near this museum, visitors could also find a very picturesque chapel in Gothic Style and which is other of the main attractions offered by this destination.

Map of Siklós in Hungary