Some interesting museums in Salamanca

Salamanca is one of the most famous and visited spots of Madrid and the entire Spain. This place contains a great amount of interesting things to do and spots to meet, such as for example several unique museums which tourists should make sure of meeting while being in this city.

One of the first museums tourists could meet in Salamanca is the Museo Arqueológico Nacional. The Museo Arqueológico Nacional exhibits a great collection of objects and elements mainly related to the history of Spain and Europe. By visiting this museum, tourists could observe objects dating from as long ago as the Renaissance and the Baroque period.

Another of the most interesting museums visitors can meet in Salamanca is the Museo Lázaro Galdiano. The Museo Lázaro Gadiano exhibits many different elements and art works spread within a great construction which has over 37 rooms. Within the objects and art work pieces visitors can meet in this museum there is, for example, paintings and other creations of artists such as Velázquez or El Greco, as well as original clothes, jewelry and accessories from the XV century.

The Museo de Unamuno is another of the main spots tourists could meet while being in Madrid and Salamanca. This museum was created in honor to Miguel Unamuno, a great Spanish writer. While meeting the Museo de Unamuno, visitors could observe many interesting objects related to the writer, such as photos, furniture, and a library.

The Museo de la Universidad or the University Museum is another interesting spot to visit in this area. This museum shows a variety of unique objects and antique sculptures as well as the building has a very peculiar ceiling which shows the zodiac signs in it, painted by Fernando Gallego within the XV century.

There are several other interesting museums and spots spread throughout Salamanca and its surroundings. Among these other places, there is the Museo Art Nouveau y Art Deco, the Convento y Museo de las Úrsulas, the Museo de Bellas Artes de Salamanca, the Museo del Convento de Santa Clara, the Museo del Convento de San Esteban, the Museo Taurino, and the Museo Catedralicio among others.