The Palacio Real de Madrid

The Royal Palace or Palacio Real de Madrid is probably the most impressive and interesting constructions of this city. This Palace is interesting due to many different reasons, such as to its amazing structure and architectural elements, its ornaments, its art works, and its history since many important events from centuries ago have a direct bond with this construction.

The Palacio Real has been one of the main residences of the royal family as centuries passed by, and nowadays it is still owed by them although they do not use it as one of their main residences anymore. Nowadays, this palace is often used by the Spanish royalty for some special occasions, when it will become closed for tourists and visitors.

The past and history of the Palacio Real de Madrid is one of its most attractive characteristics. The origins of this palace date from as long ago as the X century, époque in which it was built as a fortress which was known as Mayrit and was inhabited by the Emir of Cordoba. Around the year 1036, this construction became part of the Moorish Kingdom of Toledo until 1085 when the city was ruled by Alfonso VI of Castile and the Palace was then owned by the Castilian royalty.

During the XVI century, the original constructions which were built where the Palacio Real nowadays is were burnt and lost. After that, the new and actual palace was built under the orders of King Phillip V. The Palacio Real as we know it nowadays was built between 1737 and 1756 and designed by Juan Bautista Sachetti with Sabatini, Rodríguez and Scrimento.

Once it was built, the Palace became inhabited by King Carlos III around the year 1763, and was recognized as the biggest palace of not only Spain but all western Europe as well due to the fact that it has a size of more than 135,000 m2. This palace is not only very impressive due to its size but due to its ornaments and art works as well. Some of the best artists of Europe and the world, such as Caravaggio, Gasparini, Velázquez, Goya, and Juan de Flandes among others have left their mark in this palace.

Street View of Palacio Real de Madrid