The neighborhood of Malasaña

Malasaña is one of the first choices among young people who visit Madrid as well as the preferred place for parting at night by those who live in the city. This neighborhood is located towards the northern end of the area known as the Gran Vía, next to the neighborhood of Chueca.

The neighborhood of Malasaña is one of the areas of Madrid where tourists could find the greatest variety of entertainment related choices such as pubs, discos, and cafes. This way, those visitors who wish to find exciting activities to do and party all night should go to Malasaña, where dancing, partying and having fun is always present.

One of the main characteristics of the neighborhood of Malasaña is the great amount of young people it receives. Due to the important amount of discos and pubs this spot offers and the variety of parting options it offers, this area is one of the places in which a great concentration of young people can be found year around.

Malasaña is also characterized by offering a lively and clean appearance, in which modern life and constructions prevail in such a way that this neighborhood differs from other spots in Madrid in which antique buildings and history have a main role and are the main attraction.

There is one interesting historical spot located towards the central area of Malasaña: the Plaza del Dos de Mayo. The Plaza del Dos de Mayo was built in order to celebrate the moment in which Napoleon forces left Madrid and the country. Nowadays, this plaza or square is a spot in which many local people gathers and meets as well as spend some free time talking, singing or dancing.

Another interesting construction visitors can meet in the neighborhood of Malasaña is the Casa de las Siete Chimeneas, or the seven chimneys house. This house is interesting not only due to its structure and architecture but to its history and past as well. Besides this, tourists can also meet the Iglesia de San Antonio de los Alemanes, an antique church in which visitors can meet several paintings and frescoes.

Map of Malasaña in Madrid