Meeting the neighborhood of La Latina

La Latina, in Madrid, is a very peculiar neighborhood, characterized by being populated by people from a diversity of cultures and offering a unique mixture of traditions. There are people from many different origins living together within La Latina, among which there is an important amount of gypsies who have given this spot many of its actual traditions and characteristics.

The neighborhood of La Latina is widely known as a cheerful spot, where partying all night long is part of the local lifestyle. There are many bars, pubs, and discos spread within La Latina and open for visitors all night long in such a way that it is said that is always possible to have fun in this district. Tourists who enjoy non formal activities and making new friends would be able to have a great time while visiting La Latina.

Another peculiar characteristic of La Latina is the way in which local people gathers at squares, singing and dancing with each other. People spontaneously form groups started by someone who sings or plays a guitar until a large amount of people gather and even dance while other sing and play music.

A very peculiar tradition which can be observed in La Latina was brought to the neighborhood by the gypsies and happens every Sunday evening. This tradition is a sort of courting ritual in which single men dress as nice as they can and stand at some spots with their friends while single women, also dressed in their best clothes, walk around in groups. Although it is not usual that men actually approach to women during this ritual, both women and men pay attention to each other and decide whether they wish to learn more about someone in particular.

Besides its traditions and interesting cultural aspects, La Latina also offers some unique constructions and buildings tourists could meet. Among these constructions, there are several interesting churches and religious buildings which those who enjoy architecture should try to visit. Besides this, this neighborhood is also widely known throughout Madrid due to its flea market known as the Rastro market.

Map of La Latina in Madrid