Some info about Chueca

Chueca is one of the most bohemian neighborhoods of Madrid. This neighborhood is located next to Malasaña, towards the northern side of the Gran Via within the central area of the city, and is known as a very cheerful spot which offers a wide variety of entertaining activities. This way, this spot is one of the first choices among young local people and visitors who want to have fun and party at night.

This neighborhood is one of the central spots for what is known as La Movida. La Movida is the name given to the way in which young people goes out at night and parties all night long until the sun rises. It is usual to go out and party with La Movida even during week days, in such a way that many times, people would not sleep and just have breakfast and go to work after it.

The neighborhood of Chueca also concentrates an important amount of gay people, and is a spot known as a place in which a wide variety of different people, from different cultures, ages, orientations, and preferences in general can be found. This way, Chueca is a spot in which every person can have fun and feel welcome, since tolerance and diversity is among the main characteristics it shows.

Chueca is also very interesting for those tourists who wish to go shopping or meet the latest creations of some of the most famous designers of the world. There are several shops of great designers spread throughout this neighborhood and its surroundings, turning it into a very attractive area for people who enjoy fashion related activities.

During day time, Chueca is a very quiet and tranquil spot, in which people who wish to drink a coffee surrounded by a calm environment could easily do so. During nights, the day time tranquility changes into activity and movement, and most of Chueca’s cafes, pubs, discos and streets become alive, every day of the week, although it increases on weekends when fun and partying is almost a must for those who visit the neighborhood.

Map of Chueca in Madrid