La Macarena in Sevilla

La Macarena is a typical Spanish neighborhood, full of traditional spots and characteristics which turn it into a very attractive place for tourists. This neighborhood is located towards the northern area of Sevilla, one of the most attractive regions of the country. This spot is among the main ones tourists should try to visit while being in Sevilla.

One of the most interesting things to see in La Macarena is the Old Walls. The Old Walls of La Macarena date from as long ago as the year 1136 and, until the XIX century, they would surround the entire city turning Sevilla into a fortified town. Nowadays just a part of these walls remain unchanged and they are an iconic spot of the town.

Near by the Old Walls, there is another interesting attraction in this neighborhood: La Macarena de la Esperanza. La Macarena de la Esperanza is one of the main religious icons of Sevilla. Near the Macarena de la Esperanza there also are several churches and other religious constructions which could be very interesting not only to those attracted by the religion but also to those who enjoy observing buildings from an architectonic point of view.

La Alameda is another one of the main attractions this neighborhood offers its visitors and is one of the central spots of the area, surrounded by many restaurants, shops, pubs and discos among others. The Alameda, built in 1575, is a popular area surrounded by trees and showing some unique Roman columns along with statues of Hercules and Caesar.

The Monasterio de San Clemente is one of the main spots visitors who enjoy interesting constructions or antique art works should meet since it exhibits different pieces such as frescoes from the XVI century. Also, the Iglesia de San Marcos or San Marcos Church should not be missed since it shows a unique appearance and a typical Gothic style can be observed in it. The Convento de Santa Paula is another antique construction tourists can meet in La Macarena, and even visit its interior since, most of the times, it opens its doors to those who wish to enter.

Map of La Macarena in Sevilla