Neapoli – an ancient administrative center

The town of Neapoli is the administrative center of the Greek municipality of Vatika, in the region of Peloponnese. By visiting Neapoli, tourists could also easily meet several other towns and villages located near this town, such as, for example, Paradisi, Lachi, Kambo, Cape Maleas, Elafonisios, Kythera, Antikythera, and Faraklo among others.

Originally, many centuries ago, Neapoli was known as an agricultural and fishing town which would distribute a variety of natural products to its neighboring towns as well as to some other cities located far away. But, nowadays, this has changed, and although agriculture is still part of the town’s life, it is not the only source of income it counts on since tourism has grown and has become another important resource as well.

The city of Neapoli was founded in the 2nd millennium BC where a former settlement, known as Boiai, used to be. The first inhabitants of this city arrived from some neighboring spots such as Sidi, Etis, and Aphrodisias. During what was called the Peloponnesian Wars, this town became a strategic point, and therefore it lived from very close the events which happened during such conflicts.

Also, another important moment in the history of Neapoli was during the Roman Times, when this city became part of what was known as the Free Laconian League. Besides this, it is also important to know that the town’s economy went through a crisis during the Hellenistic époque.

This town conserves many of its antique traditional spots and its appearance still shows it as a fishing and agricultural town. Although it does maintain these characteristics, and fishing and agriculture are part of Neapoli’s inhabitants every day lives, the town is also a major recreational area, and tourism has been added and combined to these traditional aspects.

Neapoli is characterized by being a rather cal and tranquil area, where visitors can relax and enjoy a beautiful environment while forgetting every day problems and loosing stress. The town inhabitants are known to be very welcoming, friendly and hospitable people, and are most of the times willing to share their ideas and information about the town with the visitors.

Map of Neapoli in Greece