Mycenae – an amazing town on a hill

Mycenae is a Greek town situated between Argos and Corinth, in the region of Peloponnese. This town can be found on a hill, within the area of the Euboea Mountain, and tourists who travel from the Argolic Gulf to Corinth or Athens would be able to easily find it since it would be on their way.

The origins of this destination can be traced back to the year 4000 Bc, in the Neolithic Age, since there are some facts and discoveries which confirm the existence of inhabitants in that époque. Towards the year 1300 BC, in the Bronze Age, was when Mycenae started becoming more quickly populated and giving birth to what would then turn to a beautiful Greek city. Nowadays, there still are several remaining and constructions dating from that époque and which cause this spot to be unique and extremely interesting.

Tourists who visit Mycenae could meet the place in which the ancient cyclopean walls were. The cyclopean walls, an icon of this city, were built between the year 1360 BC and 1200 BC, surrounding in what in that époque was the entire city of Mycenae, in order to be safe from potential invaders and be able to fight more strategically as well.

One of the most interesting spots tourists can meet in Mycenae is the ancient palace and its surrounding constructions. This palace was built around the year 1225 BC in different stages and adding one area after another. This palace used to have a variety of interesting objects and art work pieces which nowadays are exhibited in the National Archeological Museum of Athens.

Mycenae is very interesting for those who enjoy architecture and other related disciplines. While visiting this city, tourists can meet several amazing ancient buildings, fortifications, tunnels, houses, granaries, and shrines among many others. The antique town’s palace can be seen as a complex surrounded by a variety of interesting constructions, and it is a place which those who visit the town should not miss as well as it is a must for those who are fond of architecture.

Map of Mycenae in Greece