The large Pécs

Pécs is a large and attractive city which is a great choice for a family vacation in Hungary due to the wide range of attractions it offers. This city is located within the Hungarian region of Southern Transdanubia, towards the south western area of the country and in the County of Baranya of which it is the main economical and administrative centre.

The city of Pécs has an area of approximately 162,6 km2, in such a way that it is the fourth largest city of Hungary. It is also interesting to know that this city has been chosen as the European Capital of Culture of 2010, a fact which reflects the important amount of cultural spots, galleries, theatres, and other attractions tourists could find in it.

The first officially communicated mention known about Pécs dates from the Roman times when it was called Sopianae. This city was also mentioned in a document from the 9th century where it is named as the Quinque Basilicae or Five Cathedrals town. The actual name of Pécs did not appear until the 13th century, when it was named as Pechyut, a term which can be translated as “the route to Pécs”.

Archaeologists and experts affirm that this city and its surroundings have been inhabited since ancient times. Some archaeological discoveries brought to light after excavations conducted in this area indicate that there was a settlement of Celts in it before the Romans. Other interesting fact tourists might like to know about the history of Pécs is that during the 2nd century, the Romans created several colonies which had the purpose of the production of wine, and which during that époque caused this city to be very popular and prosperous in this region of Hungary.

One of the main attractions tourists should not miss when visiting this city is its University. The University of Pécs was built during middles of the 14th century by request of Louis I of Hungary and nowadays is the oldest university in the country. Other interesting attractions tourists can meet in this city are the National Theater and the Basilica of Pécs.

Map of Pécs in Hungary