The Mecsek Mountains

The mountain range of Mecsek is a very interesting area of Hungary located within the region of Southern Transdanubia, in Baranya, and towards the southern area of the country. When traveling to these mountains during a vacation in Hungary, visitors would be able to find a great amount of different cities, towns and settlements, as well as all the basic facilities and commodities they might need in order to be comfortable.

The Mecsek Mountains are spread throughout an area of about 500 km2, and the max elevation they show is a peak of 682 meters. It might be interesting to know that the Mecsec Mountains are divided in two main parts as well as contain several sub groups of mountains. The two main groups in which the Mecsek Mountains are divided are: Western Mecsek and Eastern Mecsek, and each one of them are surrounded by many different towns and villages.

The region where the Mecsek Mountains are located is characterized by being very rich in minerals. This region of Hungary has high amounts of several minerals, such as uranium, and is therefore very interesting and attractive for scientists and experts on the subject. Besides this, it might also be interesting to know that this region of Hungary has a wide amount of attractive and peculiar plant species, being this way a spot which all those tourists who enjoy being close to the nature should not miss.

The climate of the Mecsek Mountains and its surroundings is characterized by combining a mixture of continental and Mediterranean characteristics. Tourists who wish to learn more about the weather of this region of Hungary or find out how it is expected to be at a specific time of the year should ask for guidance in a tourist information center.

There is an amazingly long list of towns, villages, and settlements located within the region of the Mecsec Mountains. Some of these settlements and towns are, for example, Bogad, Banos, Erdosmecske, Ciko, Budafa, Obanya, Nagypall, Vekeny, Pereked, Zengovarkony, Romonya, Katoly, Hidas, Kekesd, Ellend, Kisvaszar, Maza, Szilagy, Pecs, Komlo, Oroszlo, Tekeres, Varalja, Szello, and Martonfa, among many others.