Harkánfurdo and its spa

Harkányfurdo, often known as Harkány, is renown in not only Hungary but the entire Europe as well by its outstanding spa. This way, this destination is a great choice for all those tourists who wish to be able to relax and enjoy an amazing environment during their vacation in Hungary.

The Spa of Harkányfurdo started working around the year 1825, having this way a history and a background of more than 180 years. The waters of Harkányfurdo have been studied for centuries, providing proof of having medicinal and curative effects based on a unique combination of minerals and other elements very difficult to find in other parts of the world.

The environment that surrounds the spa of Harkányfurdo is very propitious for relaxing and therefore maximizing the medicinal effects of its waters. This spa is surrounded by a very beautiful natural environment, full of unique plants and trees and which combined with the great Mediterranean climate this region of Hungary has, cause this destination to be almost paradisiacal.

No matter what time of the year visitors approach to Harkányfurdo and its spa, they will surely find the commodities they need to enjoy and be comfortable. During summer time, the pools and gardens are open and ready for visitors to enjoy them, while during winter time tourists could find many covered pools and beautiful natural spots isolated from any undesired weather conditions.

According to experts on the subject, the waters of Harkányfurdo can help curing and overcoming several different health problems. Among the main health problems these waters could help curing, there is, for example, psoriasis, gynecological inflammations, locomotor malfunctions, and lymphatic disorders. Besides this, this place can be great for any stress related problem, since its waters and environment are ideal for relaxing.

Besides the many pools and beautiful natural spots this destination offers, tourists would also be able to find several other attractions suitable for all ages and preferences. In the spa and its surroundings, visitors could find several interesting antique constructions, an important number of shops, many restaurants, and several snack bars, as well as places ideal for practicing sports, sun bathing, or playing a variety of games.